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Akaki Tsreteli Monument

The monument to Akaki Tsereteli is located in the main park in Kutaisi. Tsereteli was a great Georgian poet and a public figure. He was born in 1840 in a rich family of nobles in Skhvitori Village (Sachkhere district). His mother, Ekaterine Abashidze was a great grand-daughter of Imereti’s king Solomon I. Akaki spent his childhood in a village Savane with a peasant nanny.

He began his studies at the Gymnasium of Kutaisi in 1852 and in 1859 he became a student at the faculty of Oriental Languages at the University of Saint Petersburg. It was then when an urge to fight for national liberation and social rights of Georgian people woke up in Tsereteli. He is considered the father of the modern, Georgian literary writing. His realistic views are expressed in poems Chonguri (written in 1871) and Poet (written in 1886).

Tsereteli graduated from the University in 1963 and the same year he got married to Natalia Bazilevskaia. They lived in Moscow for a while but soon returned to Georgia.

Akaki Tereteli’s first poem Secret Letter was published in 1860.

Despite his poverty, he never worked for public service.The poet played a big role in founding The Literate Society, creating Georgian Theatrical Company and developing Georgian journalism.

Together with Ilia Chavchavadze, Akaki campaigned against Russian Empire and for national liberation of Georgia. He was fighting for rising self-consciousness and religiousness of Georgians. Very often he did it through his poems, historical dramas, verses, novels and publicist articles.

His work had a big impact on Georgians’ religious culture. He contributed a lot to the development of Georgian artistic thinking. Because of the clearness of the style, simplicity, rich vocabulary, pathos and patriotism Akaki Tereteli and Ilia Chavchavadze were called literary language’s reformers.

Georgian society recognized him as a true national poet.

In 1908, 50th anniversary of Akaki Tereteli’s artistic work was celebrated in every corner of Georgia.

In 1912 Vasil Amashukeli, Georgian director and cinematographer from Kutaisi made a film “Journey of Akaki” based on memories and photos taken during Akaki’s trip to Racha-Lechkhumi. It was a manifestation of poet’s infinite love and total devotion to his country and its people.

Akaki Tsereteli died in 1915 and was buried on Mtatsminda Pantheon, in Tbilisi.


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