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Wizzair Base was opened in Kutaisi
Пятница, 30 Сентября 2016 00:00

Kutaisi International Airport is fully operated by United Airports of Georgia and is the first international airport in this region, offering low-cost airline services. The local mild climate and strategic location makes it alternate airport for the region.

On 23th September Wizz Air has opened new (25th) base in Kutaisi and added direct flights from 7 cities (Berlin, Dortmund, Munich, Larnaca, Milan, Sofia and Thessaloniki). The first flight was made from Berlin to Kutaisi, where epresentatives from the airport’s administration, local government and ''Promotion Georgia'' greeted the first passengers at the airport. It is now much easier to travel to Kutaisi, home of an incredible history and culture. Thanks to its unique geographical location one can easily reach all regions of Georgia and see multiple attractions in a short period of time.

We wish you a safe flight and cordially invite you to Georgia.

Below you can find the flight schedule for October.







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